Tuesday, 24 February 2015


I am in ruins, or maybe not. You may opine otherwise and rightfully so. There's more to me than meets the eye, and here's why. Why should I bother, you think of me as just another of those dilapidated pieces which are of no muse.
Well let me tell you anyway, and mind you its simply out of pity for your curiosity and not self-gloating. I have been pondering upon the thought that why people never really gave me a thought as they passed by- why was I sealed off and left just as an ornament adorning this house. How much I loathe that fateful day, one can only wonder.

 Remember those days masters? Remember how you would come to me whenever you had a dilemma of choices. It was I who would lead you to where you wished to go- heaven, hell, and world. Your only distraction, one you couldn't stop musing about.
 The only time you went the world way was when you wanted to feel devastated- those self-exploding times.
 Always thought of the world to be the balance of heaven and hell, but much to my bewilderment you would claim not so.

 Please tell me what is so ravaging about this place called 'world'- I never seemed to fathom it. Please?

"Okay. Give me time to imbibe that."
“You've got all you can take.”
After days of flabbergastation, I come to grips with this; I have only him to trust. I see that smile on his face which seems almost sanctimonious, but i push away the thought.

Perhaps he is right, for I've seen man doing all sorts of nasty things to the world around him, thinking of himself to be oh so great, which are anything but right. He's been gifted with reason, unlike any other living being, yet he keeps wanting. Is he actually oblivious to the repercussions of ever-wanting or only too self-complacent? Perhaps it's his lack of knowledge; well they say the less one knows, the more stubbornly they know it.

Humour me master, I don't want to be left disgruntled.
Let’s not be judgmental, least of all about something that does not concern me, rather, us.

Why'd you leave, why can't I be the mode to your random ways no more?
Is this what is to become of me- ruins.
Been waiting for my answers since time immemorial. And only time shall absolve my state of desertion; know that I'm not just a debilitated door.
I am worth all your muse and much more.
I still am the three ways and one choice.

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